About Us

An Experienced Detailing Company

Founded by Sean Bitar in 1993, an experienced detailer with over 33 years of accumulated knowledge of the structural steel detailing business, PDC strives every day to deliver high-quality steel bridge fabrication shop drawings. We are performance driven and possess what it takes to get the job done most expediently and always ahead of schedule. PDC services include:

  • Erection & shop Fabrication drawings for Structural Steel Bridges and similar structures
  • Proprietary detailing program that delivers visual girder grade & camber diagrams
  • Shop assembly diagrams with three dimensional properties tabulated
  • Field work drawings for contractor’s use in Rehabilitation jobs
  • Checking design contract drawings for constructability, errors, omissions, etc.
  • DXF Drawings customized for the fabricator’s equipment

For a full description of the types of Structures and Drawing/Services provided, see the SPECIALTIES page.

We do the Right Thing

We succeed only when we exceed the expectations of our clients. We don’t take short cuts. PDC work ethics is performance driven, hardworking people with passion for excellence to deliver the highest standards of service, value and integrity.

It is our policy to faithfully follow the intent of the customer’s specifications and contract drawings while complying with the latest AISC/AASHTO guidelines.


New Structures & REHAB Accomplishments

PDC has detailed over (850) projects to date, located mostly in the Eastern Zone of the United States. Over (600) of these projects were fabricated by the former Carolina Steel/Hirschfeld Industries which is currently WW AFCO steel. The majority of our work included projects for the State of Texas with (161) jobs so far, followed by North Carolina (130), Virginia (115), Pennsylvania (51), Massachusetts (45), New York (53) & New Jersey (42). Others include states like Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Alabama, Wisconsin & West Virginia.

PDC has detailed and delivered a variety of projects ranging in size from 200 tons to 4500 tons. Although, the bulk of our work is for new structures we have also participated in Bridge Rehabilitation projects.

Most notably our detail drawings were utilized for a period of 3 years 2013-2015 to repair the famous Longfellow Bridge in Boston, MA. Nearly 2,700 detail drawings were submitted to Cianbro Fabrication to create thousands of “Replicas” riveted arch bridge columns, Stringers, Floorbeams, Domed deck plates, Sidewalk brackets, Special seismic retrofit connections and arch rib diaphragms.

PDC has also had the honor of participating during 2006 in the detail drawing used for the rehabilitation of the Henry Hudson Bridge in Manhattan, NY. Hundreds of erection & shop fabrication drawings were submitted to the former division of LB Foster fabrication and “JUDLAU” Contracting, Inc to replace parts of columns, towers, tie cover plates, roadway level steel stringers, Floorbeams, local web & gusset plate repairs.

Bridge Detailing:

Customized Proprietary Software

Our in-house Software is continually evolving to ensure Speed, Consistency and Accuracy. All of our internal AutoCAD functional repetitive tasks are standardized and dependent on the good detailing habit of checking and counter-checking Input Values versus Expected Output. Once checked, a Single Project Specific Alpha/Numeric Proprietary File is then created and stored to be used by multiple other PDC developed AutoCAD & Excel functions. This method prohibits Re-Input errors and confirms that all external programs use the same single Alpha/Numeric File.

The Software will instantaneously produce an automatic array of Project Related Dimensioned Drawings from Grade/Camber/Sweep Diagrams to fully cambered Steel Dead Load Fit (SDLF) Girder Shapes to Crossframe Differential Elevations SDLF or fully deflected to the Vert./Horiz. Progressive Shop Assembly Diagrams, etc. No matter how complex the Bridge Geometry.

Design given Profile Data and Deflection Values are input but Shop Camber is calculated then checked against the designs and discrepancies reported.

This is not all. We believe that knowing a Software is not the same as knowing the Trade.

A proven track record developed over time of Experience, QA and a System of Checks and Balances makes all the difference. A good detailer plays a tremendous role in the overall project progress and can make even the most complex project very feasible for the Fabricator.