Versatile Structure Detailing

Our specialty include: Curved Geometry plate girder bridges, Skewed bridges, Flared girder ramp extensions, Kicker beams, Bi-Furcating girder framing, Pier cap Box girders, Towers, Trusses, Railroad Through Girder & Floorbeam system, Standard wide flange UPRR/CSX jobs, Tunnel, Pay weight spreadsheets, Tubular gantry structures and Pedestrian bridges.

Rehab jobs. Fascinated by historical drawings, we re-create Replica girder, Bracket, Arch rib members, Gusset connections & Fascia support shop drawings. Design-build, add-to-existing, widening & staged construction jobs always welcomed.

Drawings & Services

PDC has been detailing a variety of structural steel bridges since 1993 and has completed over 850 projects to date. We have an excellent reputation for Quality, Reliability, Know-how and Service.

  • Erection plans with clear erector Friendly sectional views and instructions
  • Shop Drawings customized to suit the fabricator’s detailing standards
  • Field work drawings requesting survey dimensions for new and/or existing structures
  • Quotes for shop dwg preparation/drafting costs before or after bid award
  • Full & Progressive shop assembly diagrams with XYZ values upon request
  • Advance bill of material, Pay-weight list, Shipping weight list, Field bolt driving list
  • Anchor Bolt plans & Bearing component Installation drawings
  • Plate girder cambered web cutting diagrams
  • Worksheets & Calculation plan documentation
  • Individual Job standard details and DXF files
  • Transmittal letter, Dwg log updates, Dwg files & Email correspondence stored for each project.
  • Prompt application of approval comments with detailed PDC Action/Reply documentation
  • Same day reply for drawing revision by either design change or shop request
  • Design drawings checked for Camber errors, Geometry discrepancies and conflicting information
  • Request for Information (RFI) preparation issued directly from detailer
  • Weekly progress report showing percentage of completion status and adherence to Out-for-Approval dates
  • Direct coordination with contractor/erector when instructed by fabricator for clarification purposes
  • Up to date with all AISC/AASHTO specifications and any state DOT Bridge Specifications
  • AISC Audit: Yearly updated resume upon request